Veggie Regime

Weight loss diet. The ancestors of contemporary man believed that fresh vegetables accumulate in themselves, without which there is no your and health – the sun’s energy and power of fertile land. Just similar the fruit regime, veggie diet can be called “Stone Age diet”, the basic dietary and vidoobrazuyuschey thousands of varied people, who occupied themselves in farming in suitable habitats sushi. Vegetable regimen involves an enviable diversity, it is – one of the most adorable, easy to implement and beneficial to the whole body regime. You write that the veg regime is good and, most importantly, friendly technique to prevent heart disease and vascular atherosclerosis, disorders of the gastrointestinal system and, of course, obesity: almost all fresh vegetables – is a big amount of calory. Veg dietary supplies the aging body with most of the necessary materials. These are vitamins A, C, PP, K, E, most of the group, the mineral compounds of potassium, calcium, and iron. Raw vegetables are rich in enzymes and organic acids, which fuel the body with energy of the sun in the transfigured and concentrated form. Fresh vegetables of different colors are normally rich in different combinations of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, filler regime of raw vegetables, as an artist mixes colors on a palette, we provide ourselves with all that our nature required of us. Convinced ovoscheedstva fans say that proteins that are found in vegetables later all (though this is not always believe), good suited to our body than animal proteins. The man, in essence – an omnivorous animal, but it is the priority of vegetable items in the menu makes people not only strong, but also slim and therefore great. It is possible to, of course, not to be a vegetarian, but wish to lose gravity. So raw vegetables will help you. Veggie dietary to lose weight, there are some variants. This is natural, since the different vegetables on our desk a beautiful multitude, like their mutual combinations. Simple and accessible to all veg regime has serious limitations in time. If you are vegetarian nutrition is similar, you can sit on a dietary of a duo of times to a month. Rules such veg regimen elementary. Each day, dieters may eat up to 1.5 kilogram of vegetables. Energy value of the daily dietary in this case must not exceed 1100 calory. Recommended to provide a variety of vegetable items. Each for himself ahead of time may create the daily and weekly menus. You can set a goal to strive all the vegetables which It is possible to buy in your local area for a reasonable price. And then the weightiness loss dietary will be an interesting culinary journey which will not create any hunger or boredom, or the temptation to eat something to hold. Each meal want be modest. It is good to divide all time day menu for 5-6 servings, you’ll eat every 3 hours. If you will be missing light carbohydrates, and you feel lethargy and depression, you can in the morning in addition to the vegetables to eat a spoonful of cereal, or simply combining veg regimen with oat. Twice a 7 days, the day menu can be diversified poor-fat milk, yogurt or kefir. On vegetable diet is good to take when much of fresh vegetables and you are inexpensive and crammed “chemistry” on the water. Per month on a veg diet It is possible to lose 2 to 7 kilogram. That the raw vegetables do not lose beneficial properties, it is good to eat them raw. And the fruits that want heat treatment, it is recommended to cook for a duo and is not recommended to fry. Allowed deep-fat veg soups. Exploring the cuisines of different countries for veggie dishes, It is possible to do dozens of delicious and, thus, dietary discoveries. Strict and merciless to excess subcutaneous fat, vegetable regime variant might look same. Breakfast: salad of shredded carrots and oatmeal, flooded poor-fat yogurt. Lunch: fresh cucumber. Lunch: salad of any fresh vegetables and 2 boiled potatoes with vegetable oil, a slice of rye fresh bread. Snack: red bell pepper. Dinner: salad of any fresh vegetables with oil. During veg dietary should drink plenty of fluids, preferably h2o or green green tea, up to 2 liters per time.


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